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Previously we informed you about removing appbzr from the App Store. Now we have to say farewell to the remaining apps of this type as well. It’s a pity, but there’s no getting round it.

We spent a lot of time trying to keep AppButlerHot App Finder and Free App Finder alive. Therefore we would have to fix the ongoing problems. Since our efforts to update these apps would be rejected each time, we have no way of supporting them any longer.

We’re deeply sorry to inform you, that we remove all the apps described above from the App Store. Besides we will withdraw their service by the end of the month.

We thank you for having used our apps and hope that we can supply you with another useful apps.

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  1. @Dereen Mansir There will be no replacement in the nearest future. We’re really sorry that it looks that way. I’m not quote sure, what you meant by the “WCSH News App”? Is it an app you’ve seen in one of our lists? All the best, Olga.

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