appbzr – it’s time to say farewell

AppBzr IconIt takes a lot of time and efforts to create and support an app, which is useful and easy to use at once. We spent the past year trying to keep „appbzr – find great apps and price drops“ alive. After Apple rejected our efforts to update the app, they finally decided to remove it from the App Store with the following explanation:

„Upon re-evaluation, we found that your app is not in compliance with section 2.26 of the App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, we found that your app displays and promotes apps other than your own in a manner similar to the App Store and is not designed for a specific approved need.

For this reason, your app will be removed from sale on the App Store at this time.“

We’re deeply sorry to inform you that it’s time to say good bye to our beloved app. At the same time we’d like to thank every single person, who’s been using appbzr in the past years.

P.S.: appbzr will still deliver updated lists of free apps to you as long as we’ll be able to keep the service alive.

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  1. Wow I’m truly sorry that Apple deleted your app. I use to use this all the time and found at of great apps. Please respond if you come up with any new apps. You will truley be missed. :(

  2. @Michael Mitchell Thank you for your kind words. Please follow us on any social channel mentioned here, in our blog and you’ll get informed about our new products. All the best, Olga.

  3. Je rejoins et partage sans réserve l’opinion de @Michael Mitchell. Pour moi la disparition d’AppBzr se fait très sérieusement sentir dans mes recherches ici et là d’applis intéressantes. J’espère vivement être tenu au courant si sous quelque forme que ce soit vous deviez “renaître” ^^
    Bien cordialement :-)

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