Cats, Cupcakes and Confetti

It all began with – and how could it be otherwise on today’s internet – a cat. Gray-striped and green-eyed, jumping right towards the viewer, stretching out its little front legs and looking simply too cute to be true. It was this cat, painted by Zora444, with which we started our Spray Can Instagram account to a day four months ago on September 24.

Even though the promising combination of a painting app, which is home to a bunch of talented artists, and a popular picture-sharing service is pretty obvious, we discovered its value relatively late. And we’ve never expected our community over there could grow so big and vivid, but it seems Instagram is a perfect spot for our users and us.

Here we share catchy Spray Can tags as well as little visual insights into our everyday life at the office. One of these pics shot to fame in particular: It shows our graphic designer Kai-Uwe sitting at an open window, testing our new game Medieval Merchants and enjoying a beautiful autumn sun. Spray Can user Ellie captured this moment and turned it into a great tag, which hit Spray Can’s Most Popular right away. Of course we had to post it on Instagram in turn.

A pack of rabbits, however, nailed down the most insta-likes yet – not less than 144.  I took that pic the night before our last day at work in december, proudly presenting the rabbit christmas cookies I’d baked for the colleagues at the office. What a sweet spur to fire the oven up again some time soon.

But first: “Cheers!” to our 1.729 current followers. Let’s celebrate this little insta-birthday together with lots of confetti and a birthday cupcake – in proper style on our latest insta-photo.

Hi! I'm Franziska, communication kid for rapidrabbit.

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  1. Maybe’ as a suggestion, you could share underrated artists once every two weeks? It sure would help those artists to become a little more well known, perhaps?

  2. Yes’ I am familiar with the site; I visit it every chance I get (school, waiting for notifications from SC at home, etc.)! Maybe you could do an underrated artist instead of the very well known ones, although many fans have questions for the “mysterious” artists, such as Oslik2, BunnaBun, and Rose (of the Vladda-Rose combo)! I look forward to seeing the new interviews as well, since I am a very young artist (14; My user is [PanPan]).
    Many people look at the Instagram Spray Can; reminds me that I need to follow the page!

    I wanted to mention that won’t allow me to sign in; I was wondering if that is a glitch or a problem on my end?

    And thanks for responding to me so soon; It really feels good to have an Administrator respond back to a user. Once again, thanks!

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