Happy New Year!

happy new year2It has been one amazing year for us here at rapidrabbit and we all like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year for 2015!

Last year has been full of progress for Spray Can and it was a blast to share it all with you. We wanted to end this great year with another highlight for our users, a special Christmas offer for the PRO+HD bundle. We hope to see more unique masterpieces in 2015.

Furthermore we’d like to inform you about our future plans. There will be a new Spray Can update in a couple of weeks, which will include some bug fixes, an option to reset your password and some further news. We will do again our best to answer your expectations during the whole year.

A huge thank you to everyone across the globe who’s using Spray Can. Happy New Year!

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  1. A friend of mine was going to leave Spray Can due to her tags constantly being deleted by Admin; however, I convinced her to stay and hope that the problem will be over.

  2. @Vanessa Please read first our Terms and Conditions. If your friend’s pictures violate some of the terms, that’s the reason why they’ve been deleted. However, we’re experiencing another problem right now. Pictures get sometimes deleted due to a bug. If it’s the case, next update should fix the problem. It shouldn’t last longer that a few weeks. Best regards, Olga.

  3. Thanks for all that you do to make this app great! I’ve been here for a couple years on Apple devices & switched to an android when I heard

  4. I’m glad the community is growing back to what it was. I know I’d like to see a pixel add on or brush so that pixel masterpieces may be born again. I know I’m a bit late, but I think people will see this.

  5. I kind of miss the old news where u could see the tags people posted instead of having the whole feed of them, I follow too many people to check that!

  6. Hello. I lost my phone when I was out one day and on my current phone I have no access to my account. I don’t even think I set any email or anything up for the account. My name on spraycan is NOAHISNTVAMPIRE.

  7. @ Noah Hi! Please write me this in an email (iphone@rapidrabbit.de) and I try out to find out your password. Best, Olga.

  8. Hi Olga!
    It’s B-Fan again. I noticed that not all years are included in the Age part of the profile when you want to edit. I want to change it to 2006, but it goes back to the late 19’s. Could you allow all years to be included in Edit Profile in the next update?

  9. @B-Fan Hi! Well setting the year to 2006 would mean that you’re only 9 years old. Spray Can is however a 12+ app. That’s why you’re not able to change it to 2006.Best, Olga.

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