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questionaire Instag und facebookOnce again we ask you for your help. Many improvements have been done lately, but we don’t want to stop here. Stefan, one of the Spray Can’s developers is currently writing his master thesis about the usability of Spray Can for iOS. Therefore we would like you to take part in this survey, which will take only a few minutes. It would help us a lot to understand your use of Spray Can and therefore to work on further improvements. Thanks in advance!

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  1. @FireLuck But if you want something to be changed, you should take part in this survey ;) Regards, Olga.

  2. @ Toxic Thank you for the suggestion. We already told the community, that you will get layers soon enough, but it will be first available only for iOS and will take some more time to implement the feature. So please don’t expect to find it in one of the next features.
    However, we would like you to answer the questionnaire to have more detailed answers about the usability of SC. Thank you in advance. Regards, Olga.

  3. I think the brushes should be like the old ones. Smoother and not like the new ones. Design is nice thougj

  4. Quick question. Before the update I had pro. Now after I updated this app the Pro colors have gone away. Why?

  5. I agree with Toxic and NOT just because I love the one and only all mighty ogrelord shrek ;) wait…..there’s a survey?

  6. @✖️ Hey! The brushes have been reworked in one of the latest updates, so they are already smoother. Please make sure you’re using the latest Spray Can version (5.1.3). Regards, Olga.

  7. @.___.idk This happened due to the update process. Please use the restore option and restart the app afterwards. Then everything should be back again. All the best, Olga.

  8. @derp. As we already told, you will have layers. Just be a little bit patient ;) And yes, there is a survey we would like you to fill out. It will give us a complete view on those improvements, which have to be made. It’s not enough to leave a comment :)

    All the best, Olga.

  9. Ok I think you should add the outlines an the dripping affect again.but there’s just on more thing i ask…everytime i go to the survey its in Swedish(i think)and i don’t understand it

  10. @Gemma The survey is over now, but we’re gonna to start a second round today probably. Just make sure, you’re using the given link and then you’ll be able to choose your language. Thank you in advance. All the best, Olga.

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