“I get my best ideas for pictures whilst day/night dreaming, or by scribbling anything random…” | 10 in 5 with Pterodactylman Comix

10177180normalIt’s a pleasure to get to know better one of our really cool and funny artists. Now I know why his pictures are so different. This artist is eager to try out new things and is an all-rounder in real life. See for yourself!

1) Hi, Pterodactylman Comix, please tell us a little bit about you.
I draw comics for fun, but I have self published some comic zines. I restore antiques, paint portraits, signs and murals. I just drew a mural of a whole bunch of different fish in chalk for a seafood shop sign job.
I’m a songwriter/musician too and I love singing, playing the guitar, ukulele, piano, clarinet and drums.
I sometimes do vocal sound effects such as crickets, police sirens, vintage car horns, dog barks and various silly noises if I get bored.

2) What’s the story behind your user name?
The name comes from my cartoon character Pterodactylman, who was created back in 1990 when my younger brother had a prehistoric themed 21st party. I made a pterodactyl costume, then the comic character sort of grew out of that.. I was really into haiku poetry then because of Jack Kerouac and started reciting haiku with some surf guitar interludes.
So it was a costume, then a haiku comic and live Pterodactylman shows at festivals and poetry nights.

3) What inspires you?
I’m primarily inspired by love. I’m married to magicgirl. Also healthy air and food inspire me, as do haiku, my favourite music, great friends and the Australian landscape in general.

4) When do you get the best ideas for your pictures?
I get my best ideas for pictures whilst day/night dreaming, or by scribbling anything random.. just by starting to draw.

5) How do you draw your pictures on Spray Can?
I usually use a large iPad with a stylus, and I’ve worn out two stylii in two my years of Spraycannery!

6) Pterodactyl seems to be one of your favorite subjects of the painting. Why?
The pterodactyl has always been my fave dinosaur.
There’s been a pterodactyl sighting this week in the USA too, and film of that has gone viral.
I believe that some of these winged creatures may have survived in remote areas. There have been sightings over Texas and New Guinea!

7) Which of your pictures matters most to you?IMG_2427
The picture that matters most to me is a portrait I made of Magic Girl using her phone in the apartment where we first lived together. Her face softly glows by the phone screen glare and it seems to capture her in her pure web info gathering bliss….oh and there’s one of my faux antique signs is in the background saying “Patois”.

8) If you could name three all time favorite pictures on Spray Can from any artist – which would it be?
There are too many to choose from to say who my top 3 fave tags are here, but that is what I love about SC!

9) What are you hearing at this very moment?
The Awe Kestrels. They are so cool.. actually they are just me.. I have recorded many tunes onto Soundcloud for free downloading. I tend to be prolific. A Year Of The Rabbit thing.. I do like to be surprised whenever I revisit some sounds that I’ve forgotten ever making!

IMG_475410) What’s the last photo you took with your smartphone?
The last photo on my smartphone is of a painting of friends’ dog that sadly died. I made this portrait in oils of ‘Cookie’ for them to remember her by…but this has happily led to me doing many other pet portraits.

We haven’t had a single artist interview for a very long time. Sadly, this one is also my last „official act“ at rapidrabbit. I’m leaving for new challenges and have to say, it was fun with all you guys! Take care, have fun and make sure, Spray Can stays a great artistic community ;)

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