„I got bored and just started drawing my family in stick figures“ | 10 in 5 with Toxic Apple

show_image-13Many of you seemed very excited to read, that the next one to be interviewed would be Toxic Apple. Her user name might sound evil, but her artwork tells us the opposite… Today it’s her turn to answer some of your questions.

1. Hi, Toxic Apple, please tell us a little bit about you.
My name is Jenny, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Texas. I’ve always enjoyed drawing since I was little and SC helped me pursue my passion :) It’s one of my favorite apps

2. What does your user name mean to you?
Honestly, my username means absolutely nothing. I was just trying to come up with a cool name with a cool sound to it. Apples are far from being my favorite fruit but it sounds better than “Toxic Tangerine” or “Toxic Peach”.

3. When and how did you start drawing?
I started drawing way back when I still lived in Mexico, which is when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I got bored and just started drawing my family in stick figures and I drew the exact same thing every day ’till I finally managed to draw a straight line.

4. What inspires you?
I get inspired when I see a great drawing and I’m like “That’s awesome. I bet I can do that too.”

5. What do you like best about SC?
Seeing what people can pull off without endless tools. It’s amazing what they can create and how they don’t go berserk without layers.

6. What artist inspires you the most?
I cannot choose just one. A lot of them inspire many. Including Zora444Oslik2 and Scottart, who are so detailed and talented.

7. How do you feel about the envy, which is sometimes shown towards some popular artists on SC?
It can drive some people to act jerky and say it isn’t fair that they don’t get noticed as much as MP artists do. What isn’t fair is that people work hard on their artwork and they receive complaints from people who don’t even bother coloring inside the lines.

8. If you could travel through time to live in a different historical time period, which would you choose?
Not exactly historical, but I’d say the early 90’s. I feel like I’d fit right in for some reason. I dress modern but my head is way back there.

9. How do you like your steak cooked?
Lol that’s random. As long as I’m not served raw meat :)

10. What are you hearing at this very moment?
The sound of me eating Doritos and the song About a Girl by Nirvana playing in the background.

Thank you, Jenny, for taking some time to answer our questions. If you already got curious, click here to see more of her artwork.

Our next interview partner will be Lou rose. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.

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