„I have been blessed to have reached a lot of my life goals“ | 10 in 5 with Lou rose

show_image-14Even if it probably hasn’t been one of her life goals, she has got already two impressive badges on her website profile: the 5000 follower badge (actually she has much more followers) and the 2 years badge. This is definitely something she can be proud of. Let’s learn more about this great artist.

1) Hi, Lou rose, please tell us a little bit about you.
Hi. Well, I was born and raised in Louisiana. I graduated from LSU in education. I am married with two grown children who have made my husband and I very proud. My grandchildren are the light of my life.

2) Where do you get inspiration for your tags?
Mainly from nature and animals. I like to draw trees the way I would like to see them, and I have two cats who love to pose for me.

3) Your tags have become rather rare. Why is it so?
I used to draw all the time, but I had moved and hurt my arm. I have tennis elbow. I am still in physical therapy for my arm. The pain is gone as long as I don’t write or draw. Then it hurts again. My therapist said I need to build up endurance. I hope to be drawing soon and often.

4) Do you draw only on your device or also in real life? And is it just for fun or as a part of your career?
I never thought someone would ask if I draw as part of my career…that is so flattering. Lol. I only draw on my iPad for fun. Besides doodling when I was very young, I am fairly new at drawing. If you look at my older tags you can see what I mean. Spray Can has given me a love of drawing.

5) If you could name three all time favorite pictures on Spray Can from any artist – which would it be?
I love Zora444’s picture of a cat in profile. Of course if I say the orange smile, I think everyone knows what I’m talking about. That’s powerful, Mugi. I looked through my favorites and realize I have a lot from followers that mean so much to me. So my third is all of those.

6) What’s the last photo you took with your smartphone?
That I didn’t need to look up. It’s a picture of my granddaughter giggling on my bed. So sweet !

7) What’s your favorite cartoon character?
Disney’s Ariel. She is so determined and full of energy. I love the music in that movie

8) If you could travel through time to live in a different historical time period, which would you choose?
I think the roaring twenties with its music and dancing would be fun to visit.

9) What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
The weirdest thing? So hard to choose. Lol. We once lived in a rural area. Our neighbors put their dead horse on our property. Weird, huh?

10) What’s your lifetime goal?
I have been blessed to have reached a lot of my life goals. I have a wonderful family and a great career in education. I teach and am the administrator of a school. I have played a small part in helping adult students to change their lives for the better. My future goals are to dance at my grandchildren’s weddings.

Thanks, Lou rose! That was a fun one. And by the way, get well soon, so we can see something new from you. In the meantime, you can see her artworks here.

Our next interview partner will be Ⓢteålth☣Ⓟårådøx. Feel free to leave your questions for him in the comments below.

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