It’s getting dark again, right now

Spray Can 5.1.4 is available now. Update your Spray Can version and enjoy its advantages.

Well, first things first. In this update we leave you free to decide, which theme you prefer while using Spray Can, the bright or the dark one. Therefore you just have to set your preference in the settings.

In the recently conducted survey many of you asked for some changes within the painting mode and some new tools. In this way we decided to implement a color picker and a few more backgrounds. Besides there have been made some general changes in the painting mode itself, which we’d like to present right here:

1. This is how the painting mode looks like. To set brush size and opacity, slide the controller.
photo 1

2. Brush selection: Choose a brush while scrolling up & down. To change its size, use either the arrows on each side of a preview window or the controller at the bottom.
photo 2

3. Favorite brushes and how to delete them.
photo 3

4. More drawing space: you can hide the complete toolbar. In this case you can use your saved colors (on the left) and brushes (on the right) while tapping on the star icon, without going back to your tools selection.
photo 4

In this way we ensured an easier and more comfortable painting process. We hope, you’ll like it a lot!

Another achievement of this version is a better performance and energy efficiency. As a result loading and scrolling became faster, which will spare your battery life. Thus you’ll be able to use more of your battery for your creativity. In any case, there have been made more usability improvements like, for instance, a possibility to browse all the tags of an artist you’ve seen in your feed. Just tap on this artist’s tag in the feed and then you’ll be able to see them all while sliding the tag from right to left.

In addition to that, our non-PROs get a bonus. Not so long ago we implemented a chat option in the app. From now on it’s unlocked for everyone. Furthermore profiles of our non-PRO users are now depicted in exactly the same way as those of PROs. And to ease first steps in Spray Can, newbies will see an introduction while using the app for the first time so they will get informed about the general options and possibilities of the app.

We’re already waiting with bated breath for your feedback. We gave our best to improve as many things as possible in this update and are already working on another one, of which more later.

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  1. The options in the painting mode r way better like this, is easier and faster to pick, wish makes it easier when u spend hours making a drawing . Lots of improvement, good job guys!

  2. Great update! But I preferred the old brush transparency as it enabled me to add line opacity all in one stroke. With the current brushes, Each stroke has its own opacity which can be layered, but in my opinion, doesn’t look as smooth. I mostly draw sketches.. So it’s important that my lines smoothly blend between high and low opacity. My suggestion is to have an option next to the transparency slider to choose whether you want to have a single opacity per stroke or opacity that increases as you go over the same line.

  3. I really like the color picker ^_^ it makes painting much easier for me without the stress of forgetting to favorite a color and never being able to get it back xD I LOVE THE UPDATE!!!!!!!

  4. Great improvements! I like the current brush opacity because of the layering like Shady91 said. Maybe change the softer brush only to have the old opacity so the sketchyness will remain.

  5. It should have all the same tools but look like the old version. It was much less filled up and clostrofobic.

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