Long time no post

Nearly three months and no new post yet. Not even a single tiny one. How sad is that? Well, alright. I mean, it’s been summer, sun was shining, the beach is preeeetty close to our office and… Kidding! Actually quite some things happend but I’ve always been too much of a busy bee to write it all down. Let’s see:

For example we finally released Medieval Merchants version 1.2. Yay!

We also ran some really fun Spray Can Contests and came up with a lot of ideas for Spray Can’s re-design which will follow during fall. We put a lot of thoughts into this great app, so you’ll hopefully be able to experience a whole new, even better Spray Can by the end of this year.

We celebrated a bunch of birthdays and played around with Instagram’s video feature. We updated Spray Can Wallpaper with a new design.

We had some trouble with Apple and their point of view towards our AppBzr, Hot App Finder and Free App Finder. They don’t seem to be too fond of apps that “display apps, other than your own, for purchase or promotion, in a manner similar to the App Store” anymore. Update possible? Nope. Thanks, Apple. Anyways. We don’t mope since we found the fluffiest, cutest baby kitties in our backyard.

We’ve been working on a replacement of our timer app Pomodoro which as been kicked out off the App Store due to terms of copyright. Not so bad after all, as this new app’s design will be the bomb. Honestly.

Sooo, and here on the blog? The trained eye will see a huge step forward in comparison to the beginning of the year. Recently we turned the landing page into a static one as I didn’t manage to update the blog as constantly as promised (shame on me!). But I like the clean first impression of the site that you get like that.

And we have a lot of things coming up. There’s one particular one I can’t wait to see being created. I won’t tell more than this:


Hi! I'm Franziska, communication kid for rapidrabbit.

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