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Spray Can

iTunesArtworkSpray Can is the ultimate graffiti- and painting-app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, designed by rapidrabbit. Its first version was released in 2009 and has gained more than 5 million downloads since then. Today Spray Can forms the biggest artist community in the mobile world. Read more

ORANGE time management

Icon-144pxORANGE time management has been created to optimize your work flow. It draws on the Pomodoro technique, in which it is assumed that you can increase your concentration and efficiency by dividing your work routine into predefined segments, followed by short recovery phases. Read more

Medieval Merchants

icon_128x128It is the beginning of the 14th century and a new power is rising in Northern Europe – the Hanseatic League. Based on wealth and ships instead of land and armies, the Hanseatic League is connecting merchants from London to Novgorod. As a player you take on the role of a medieval merchant, competing for valuable trade goods throughout the Hanseatic League. Read more


yukendo Logoyukendo (“you can do”) is an addictive puzzle game that shares many concepts with Sudoku, but adds some variety to the well known gameplay. It has been invented by Tetsuya Miyamoto to teach his pupils math. He called it KenKen which means “cleverness squared” in Japanese. Read more

Free App Finder

Free App Finder is an easy and fast tool to find the latest free apps on the App Store. Games, Entertainment and Utilities apps become free everyday for a short time. However, it is difficult to find these apps, as the App Store does not list them separately. Free App Finder is the easiest way to detect those apps. Read more

Hot App Finder

Hot App Finder uses a proprietary algorithm to find those apps whose sales and/or downloads show the highest rate of increase. Users can scroll through the hottest apps updated every six hours, instantly view the full App Store description of each item listed plus screen shots without leaving the app and they can follow the link to the App Store to download the selected app directly. Read more


When people have trouble falling asleep they try to relax. Counting sheep helps a lot of people to get their heads free after a long day. Now this relaxing method comes to your iPhone and iPod Touch. Watch cute sheep as they jump over the fence and lean back. Listen to the birds and crickets and forget your stress. Read more

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  1. Hi I had a problem with Spraycan so I was in a fuse group people kept on sending me private messages and the fuse was pro and none of my rest of the accounts had pro and I’m not sure how to go on pm. Please give me some advice!

  2. To write PM, you have first to follow your chat partner. Then you choose “Messages” in the main menu. If you already had a conversation with the person you want to chat with, just choose him%her name from the list. If not, tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner and use the search option to find an artist’s name. All the best, Olga.

  3. Olga please unban us! I can’t log in to my main account! I will do anything so you can unban us! Thank you Olga if you did your the best! Thanks!

  4. Hi! You took part in a dirty OC. Please read our T&Cs and you will see, that this is a reason for getting banned. I’m sorry, but you can’t get unbanned. All the best, Olga.

  5. Hey, there. I’m having a bit of trouble with Spraycan. I bought pro, the purchase showed up on bills and such, but I’m not able to use anything that is available with the pro purchase. It’s as if I spent that money on nothing. When I try to restore the purchase it doesn’t work. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app and that proves useless as well. I mean if it were the old SC I’d be fine with nonpro-ness but with the update not being pro is über cruddy. Help??

  6. Hey, Olga! Will you by chance make an update where it shows who you follow and your favorite pieces of art? Unless I must not be able to find it, then just reply back and tell me how to find it.

  7. Hello, my drawings cannot be uploaded. I do not now why they are not working please help me. Thank you, goodbye.

  8. Hello! Still facing the problem of not finding spray can in App Store. I updated the iOS to 7.1 and I have iPhone 5s what would seem the problem? I’d really like to update or at least be able to see spray can in the App Store >~< please help and тнanĸѕ for reading this

  9. Hi! Thanks for writing. This option is already available. If you go to your profile page, you’ll find the general information in the upper section. If you tap on “Follows”, you’ll see the artists you follow. Underneath this section you’ll find 3 badges: “Follow”, “Favourites” and “Chat”. Your favorite artworks will be under “Favourites”.
    Best regards, Olga.

  10. Also, there is a crash whenever I try to put a title for my artwork. Will there be an update to fix that? I think it might be because I don’t have iOS 7, but I don’t know. Also, Thank you for replying to me.

  11. No error notification, but it kicks me out the app. My Internet always works, so there is no problem in that. It kicks me out the app every time I try to put a title on my artwork.

  12. Also, a friend of mine got Pro+HD over the weekend but today it was gone and she tried restoring her purchases and reinstalling the app but it didn’t work. What happened?

  13. She tried restoring and restarting, but nothing happened.

  14. Hmm I just opened spray can and saw it updated… I’m sorry for the trouble and тнanĸ you so much ^-^ I’m really glad!!

  15. Hi Olga,
    I have a question,to restore my purchases will it cost any money at all? If it does please let me know. Thanks!

  16. @ Asha No, it won’t. But please make sure you’re using the same Apple-ID, which you have used for the purchases before./ O

  17. Hi, I just have a simple suggestion: I think the new modern interface is great; I like how it looks and it’s easy to use. However, there are some people who don’t like it. I believe it would be great if there were an option to switch between the ways the app looks. Although I do understand if that doesn’t work; if you have erased the other one after programming the new one.
    Thank you,
    Noah M.

  18. @ Noah Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, it’s impossible right now. But we will take it into consideration. Thank you again for being such a supportive Spray can user. best regards, Olga.

  19. Hi Olga! I just wanted to say a few things: nice update! Very modern but I personally think the older unique first version was just as good or even beter. I think many people would appriceate that, or so to speak. I also am having trouble with the fact that I’m unable to Do my certain pro features I had purchased before the update for 0.99. It reconised I had when restored but asks me to buy it even though it should let me do as I plead. Please help me with a solution soon :D
    Sincerely, boring_fantasy

  20. @Boring_fantasy Hi! Please update SC to the version 5.1.1, try again the restore option and restart the app. This should help. Best regards, Olga.

  21. Hi I’m having a bit of trouble that has never happened to me, I go to draw on one of my unfinished tags and the app crashes,I have restarted the app many times but it still happens ,please help -Lily

  22. @Lily, We’re very sorry for the caused inconvenience. Unfortunately, we can’t tell anything just with the help of this information. Could you please send us a crash log to our email address iphone@rapidrabbit.com. This would be really helpful. Thank you in advance.
    Best regards, Olga.

  23. Hi! I just want to say that I love the update! I use both the android and iTunes versions of the app and the apple version works next to perfect. I know its a new update and the kinks will be worked out soon. But on my android version there is a problem with me uploading and deleting tags. Is an update for the android version in the works?

  24. @ MIrands Hi Miranda! Thank you for your feedback. Yes, there will be an update for the Android version in the future. Maybe, you could tell us what problems exactly are experiencing while uploading or deleting tags?
    All the best, Olga.

  25. When I try to upload the tag is says that there is an error uploading to server. I am connected to internet and it works when I upload on my iPad. Just not on my Samsung galaxy s3. When I try to delete it will let me select the delete button and choose the tags I want to delete but there is no delete button. It just highlights them and that’s it. I’m not sure if it is covered by the ad at the bottom of the screen. Or if it is an error.

  26. I used to have spray can years ago and I recently got it and I love it!!! Best app ever I just have 1 problem sometimes it won’t let me upload my drawings it will just say uploading and it will stay their forever. What should I do.
    Ps: thanks for reading this this is my fav app :):)

  27. @ Lexii_ Please make sure you’re using Wi-Fi during the process. Then you actually shouldn’t have any problems while uploading a tag. All the best, Olga.

  28. Hi! I just updated my android version and I am still having the issue with not being able to upload my image to server!

  29. @Miranda, please try to uninstall the app and then download it back again from the App Store. It would be nice, if you could reach back out to us, so we would know, if it helped or not. Thank you in advance. All the best, Olga.

  30. Hi! I’ve been having this problem where nothing will load so I can’t go to the gallery, artists, etc and view anything. But, I can still draw and my connection’s perfectly fine. Do you know what’s wrong? Thanks!

  31. -Maple

    Would their be any chance of getting old Spray Can back? Or have you deleted it and replaced it with the new one? Just out of curiosity I was wondering. By the way, I am Crackle from up there.

  32. @Yoyo Hi! We apologize for the caused inconvenience. Our server was broken, so nothing except drawing was possible on Spray Can. However, most of the app should function perfectly again. Best regards, Olga.

  33. @❥ʝαу,мαρℓє,ι¢є,∂υѕк∞ Exactly, the data have been replaced. Regards, Olga.

  34. Also, another question. Will rapidrabbit shut down Spray Can soon because of so many people leaving? I was wondering only because I know many love Spray Can an they wouldn’t want it to go.

  35. @❥ʝαу,мαρℓє,ι¢є,∂υѕк∞ It’s not that bad as so many users claim it to be :) So no, we won’t shut down Spray Can. Regards, Olga.

  36. Hi Olga, I just want to know why we have to buy an HD advancement for spray can when the quality is EXACTLY like the old spray can. I feel like the new pixelated effect is just a cheap way to get people to buy the HD package. I mean, it’s already enough to buy Pro, I just sort of feel like I’ll be cheated money wise if I purchase it. Thank you for reading… PB:)

  37. @Pooh Bear :) Hi there! Well, first of all you don’t HAVE to buy it, if you don’t want to ;) And I’m sorry but I have to correct you one ore time. The quality of pictures you get now with the HD is not exactly the same as before the update. It can’t be. You’ll find a perfect proof by taking a glance at the last tag of ATiPAD. The same tag is there in two versions: with and without HD. This way you can form your own opinion :)
    All the best, Olga.

  38. Hello is there any way I can access my account? It asks me to log in but I never set up a password. Is there a way for me to access my tags if I only have the “Secret code” that was previously used to fuse two updates ago? Sorry if this is a problem but I haven’t used this app in a while dew to not having enough free time and now that I finally can everything has changed and I have no means of accessing my account. If you would help me I would greatly apreciate it.

  39. Hi, I am using spray can on an Android tablet, and for some reason I am unable to switch brushes. It is just stuck on square. Can you resolve this, or tell me how to (if possible)?

  40. @ Aldan Please try to restore your purchases and restart the app afterwards. If this won’t help, reinstall the app. regards, Olga.

  41. Hi Olga would u please help me? This will be my third time asking for help because I truly do not know what to do

  42. I inquired a few days ago on this page about a problem with switching brushes. I did as you suggested, but it didn’t work. It is still stuck on square brush.

  43. I just wanted to ask a dumb question how do other people become admin I wanted to be one even though you probably won’t let me
    Please answer my dumb question bye!

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