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Hot App Finder uses a proprietary algorithm to find those apps whose sales and/or downloads show the highest rate of increase. Users can scroll through the hottest apps updated every six hours, instantly view the full App Store description of each item listed plus screen shots without leaving the app and they can follow the link to the App Store to download the selected app directly. Also included is a built-in e-mail and Facebook connection, so that users can share their Hot App discoveries with friends.

Hot App Finder does three things remarkably well: First, it polls dozens of App Stores around the globe to discover those apps that are the hottest, those with the greatest upward momentum. Second, it displays a ranked list of the first 50 apps in any category, complete with rating, price, and icon, either paid or free, in one or two seconds. And it will continue to add apps in increments of 50 until it reaches 100 or greater. Third, touching any app on the list quickly brings up the complete text of the App Store page, plus all screen shots. Scrolling horizontally, the user can view each screen shot fullscreen, which is particularly dramatic on the iPad.

Hot App Finder includes all 21 different app categories as listed on the App Store. Hot Apps Finder includes the following categories (paid and free listed separately): All, Entertainment, Games, Utilities, Social Networking, Music, Productivity, Lifestyle, Reference, Travel, Sports, Navigation, Healthcare & Fitness, News, Photography, Finance, Business, Education, Weather, Books, and Medical.
Feature Highlights:

  • Find hot, new apps before they become well known
  • Follow the trends in new apps in each category and overall
  • Read the complete App Store description with screen shots without leaving the app
  • Link directly to download and/or purchase a listed app from the Apple App Store
  • Share hot, new apps with friends by e-mail or on Facebook from within the app
  • Proprietary search algorithm finds the apps that are climbing fast, before they hit the Top 100 in sales or downloads
  • All 42 different lists are updated every six hours (21 categories – paid & free)
  • Listings are pre-loaded and cached for fast response

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