Spray Can

Spray Can is the ultimate graffiti- and painting-app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, designed by rapidrabbit. Its first version was released in 2009 and has gained more than 5 million downloads since then. Today Spray Can forms the biggest artist community in the mobile world.

Official Video

In 2009 Spray Can was released by rapidrabbit, originally designed for playing pranks by simulating graffiti spray can sounds, such as shaking or spraying. Due to its realistic sound effects and graphics, the app quickly became a biggie and took over the top download lists of North America and Europe.

Spurred by success rapidrabbit’s developers implemented a paint-feature, adding additional colors and the option to share all the wonderful artworks via facebook and Twitter. A new online gallery, plus a rating/commenting function, were the final touches before Spray Can cracked the US download charts’ top 3 and hit the top 25 several times.

“Our vision was to create a YouTube for pictures”, says Peter Morczinek, project leader at rapidrabbit. “When we read our beta testers’ first comments, we knew we had achieved this goal.” But smashing technology only accounts for one part of Spray Can’s roaring success. What makes the app alive are the people using it, building the biggest painting community on iOS and soon to come Android.

Paint your own pictures

To show your skills you can choose between up to 13 backgrounds and 54 prefabricated colors for your tags. Besides we added a color wheel, which allows you to define and safe the precise colors you need. On top of that you can use a bunch of tools to create even more amazing pictures, such as different shapes, drips and a smoothly changeable size of your line and outline. Some users spend hours, sometimes even days to create their impressive art works.

See how our famous user SimeonW creates his tags

View the amazing gallery

You can browse through an online gallery with more than 6.5 million pictures. Here you can view the most popular tags,share your opinions by commenting on other pictures, follow your favorites or swap ideas via chat.And every single day there are about 20.000 new amazing artworks arising, waiting to be discovered. You want to become a famous artist as well? So, what are you waiting for?

Create your own Profile

Spray Can is a community, so as a community member you need a profile. We don’t need much information. You can simply enter your nickname and choose a profile picture out of your tags. Here we go! Now you can upload your tags, observe the number of points and followers you are gaining, get comments in your guestbook and write on other people’s walls.

Download Spray Can now

You can get Spray Can for free via Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store or Amazon App Store. Download it already today and become part of our inspiring community.


Credits: Spray Can uses the glyphish icon set created by Joseph Wain.


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  1. On my htc evo 3d, android, I created a new account, and I tried to upload a tag. It kept saying uploading image to Server but ive been waiting for 10 minutes now. Help!

  2. @ coleybenton15 Hi! Please check, if you really have internet connection. Btw it’s better to use Wi-Fi for the upload, otherwise it could take really long. All the best, O.

  3. Hi! I’ve had an account on Spray can on my iPad a while ago, sadly the iPad crashed. Now I’ve got a new phone (A Galaxy S4) and I can’t quite remember the password. I Put in my E-mail before the iPad crashed, but I don’t know how I can get back on the account! Could you please help?

  4. @ Gilbert Hi! I would like to help you very much! Please write me therefore an email with your exact user name and I’ll have a look. All the best, Olga.

  5. So i used to have a acc on an iPad but now i have a Iphone but the iPad got outdated and i cant get my password to acc now. Can you please help me? I really want that acc back. The user was toxikninjaz6 (WHH)

  6. Hi I used to have an account on another iPhone and it was a pro account I know my user name and email but I can’t remember my password any chances of helping would be great thanks -JF

  7. @JameS Hi! Please write us an eimal with your exact user name and I will try to help you out. Regards, Olga.

  8. how do you figure out your password? I do not want to make a new account if I can’t get the password for mine now

  9. @Becca Use the lower bar of the app and got to “Settings”. Choose then the logout option and tap on the icon “Logout”, than you’ll see your password. Best, Olga.

  10. Olgaa i make a tag and no one here ,, all people delete spray can becouse the update not good i hate the new update ( all the people in spray can want the old update ) and i will delete spray can ✋

  11. Hi, I think you’re exaggerating a little bit. There are still really good artists in Spray Can, who want to stay in our community. If so many people want more views and comments, then they should probably view more pictures and write more comments for themselves. If everyone would act like that, we would get much more activity once again very very soon ;)

    All the best,

  12. I had other accounts with spray can in the past but I decided to create a New one however with the new app I don’t know where to find my password or secret can u please tell me how .

    Thank you

  13. @Alessandra Just go to the app settings in the lower bar. Tap on “Logout” and you’ll see your password. Best, Olga.

  14. hey! I have an account, I know my username and im pretty sure I know my password but I have no clue what my secret is, im trying to log in on my laptop and it sayd I need my username and secret to log in, I don’t want to have to create a new account please help!

  15. Are you always going to update the Android app? Every time you update the apple one you make people mad. So why don’t you pay attention to Android?

  16. @Jillian Giorgio We’re very sorry, but right now we just don’t have any capacities to work on the Android version. All the best, Olga.

  17. I didn’t have an account but when I bought new colors. I thought that spraycan wouldn’t let me spend the money. So I made an account. I tried to buy the colors but it wouldn’t let me. The app took my money and I would like to email them and get either the colors or the money back. Thanks

  18. @Beth Please use the “restore previous purchases” option and restart the app. All the best, Olga.

  19. Dear Olga,
    I recently went on Spraycan to login but it won’t allow me to because it says I’m banned!? How do I fix this?

  20. @Jojo Dear Jojo, thanks for writing. Unfortunately you can’t fix this. You can get banned, if your action on Spray Can violated our T&Cs. In case, you have further questions, you can best reach me via email (iphone@rapidrabbit.com). Best regards, Olga.

  21. Hi Olga,
    I have forgotten to write down my password and now require a password reset, could you please help me reset my password by directing me to a link to do so?

  22. @jay.exe Hi Jay, thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately we don’t have a password recovery system yet. However, you could email me a screen shot of your account and I’ll do my best to figure out your password ;) Kind regards, Olga.

  23. @Evelyn Boyer Hi Evelyn, thanks for writing. Both versions, iOS and Android have to be treated like two different apps. Therefore we would have to develop the HD option for Android…
    Kind regards, Olga.

  24. @Lorna Please write us, which device you’re using and the Android version you have on your device. Kind regards, Olga.

  25. How do I restore purchases on the app? My little brother accidentally deleted the app on me when I wasn’t looking and I can’t quite seem to figure out how to restore purchases…

  26. @ Kewii Hi, thanks for writing. Just go to “Shop” -> “Restore previous purchases”. It might be necessary to restart the app afterwards.
    Best regards, Olga.

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