Spray Can

Spray Can is the ultimate graffiti- and painting-app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, designed by rapidrabbit. Its first version was released in 2009 and has gained more than 5 million downloads since then. Today Spray Can forms the biggest artist community in the mobile world.

Official Video

In 2009 Spray Can was released by rapidrabbit, originally designed for playing pranks by simulating graffiti spray can sounds, such as shaking or spraying. Due to its realistic sound effects and graphics, the app quickly became a biggie and took over the top download lists of North America and Europe.

Spurred by success rapidrabbit’s developers implemented a paint-feature, adding additional colors and the option to share all the wonderful artworks via facebook and Twitter. A new online gallery, plus a rating/commenting function, were the final touches before Spray Can cracked the US download charts’ top 3 and hit the top 25 several times.

“Our vision was to create a YouTube for pictures”, says Peter Morczinek, project leader at rapidrabbit. “When we read our beta testers’ first comments, we knew we had achieved this goal.” But smashing technology only accounts for one part of Spray Can’s roaring success. What makes the app alive are the people using it, building the biggest painting community on iOS and soon to come Android.

Paint your own pictures

To show your skills you can choose between up to 13 backgrounds and 54 prefabricated colors for your tags. Besides we added a color wheel, which allows you to define and safe the precise colors you need. On top of that you can use a bunch of tools to create even more amazing pictures, such as different shapes, drips and a smoothly changeable size of your line and outline. Some users spend hours, sometimes even days to create their impressive art works.

See how our famous user SimeonW creates his tags

View the amazing gallery

You can browse through an online gallery with more than 6.5 million pictures. Here you can view the most popular tags,share your opinions by commenting on other pictures, follow your favorites or swap ideas via chat.And every single day there are about 20.000 new amazing artworks arising, waiting to be discovered. You want to become a famous artist as well? So, what are you waiting for?

Create your own Profile

Spray Can is a community, so as a community member you need a profile. We don’t need much information. You can simply enter your nickname and choose a profile picture out of your tags. Here we go! Now you can upload your tags, observe the number of points and followers you are gaining, get comments in your guestbook and write on other people’s walls.

Download Spray Can now

You can get Spray Can for free via Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store or Amazon App Store. Download it already today and become part of our inspiring community.


Credits: Spray Can uses the glyphish icon set created by Joseph Wain.


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  4. On your app, Spray Can, you banned the user, NATE & Mr.Rhys. I just want to ask why. Me and her had a very good relationship. Please reply. Thank you

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t have data regarding the reason but we never ban without a cause. The user must have violated our Terms of Use.


  6. Was there any issues recently about account wiping? I updated to iOS 7 and my entire profile was gone. I never violated the terms as far as I know.

  7. I’m very sorry to hear that!! Yes, it was a problem related to iOS 7. Our next update will fix this. /Franziska

  8. My app always exits out while I am drawing. It won’t let me back on so I have to re-install it. This erases the painting I worked hard on..its very frustrating…I’m on a android by the way.

  9. Hi,

    thanks for your feedback. We’re very sorry for the caused inconvenience. We receive all the crash reports from the android version and try to fix these bugs as soon as possible. So please have a little more patience and wait for our next update.

    All the best,

  10. Hi,

    I’ll be glad to help you. Please write me in an email, what your exact problem looks like (iphone@rapidrabbit.com).

    All the best,

  11. Hi,
    thanks for writing In fact, you can already fuse with someone. You just give the other person your secret (please don’t do this publicly). Then you both have to log out from your account and log in to the fusing account, whenever you want.

    All the best,

  12. Hi,

    thanks for writing. You can describe your problem more precisely via mail (iphone@rapidrabbit.com). Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

  13. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to ask this, is something going on with the server or something? Neither the iPod nor iPad that I’m using are allowing me to access the community, nothing is loading. The ipad logged me out last night and it’s not letting me log back in, saying that the authentication failed and to contact an admin. Do you know why it’s doing this?

  14. Hi, Rachel. Thanks for writing. Yes, we’re having some technical problems right now and are already working on a fix. So please have a little more patience.
    Al the best,

  15. My Spraycan is only showing blank tags and I can’t see any of my tags after I post them. Why is this happening I looked to see it needed updating but says it doesn’t

  16. I have this problem where when I want to look at tags they are blank. This happens to other users and my account. Do you know how to fix it?

  17. Hi and thanks for writing. We’re having a few server issues right now, which are causing these problems. However, we’re already working at full speed to fix them. Please have a little more patience.
    Best regards,

  18. Hi! Just tap the “i” icon in the main menu -> account -> show password. Write down your password and go to “logout”. You’ll need your password to log out and then to log back in.
    All the best.

  19. Hi and thanks for writing. We’re having a few server issues right now, which are causing these problems. However, we’re already working at full speef to fix them. Please have a little more patience.
    Best regards,

  20. Hello spraycan admin,
    I’ve been having a problem loading tags, and I wasn’t sure if it was my connection or a spraycan problem. I will describe: so when I open the app, no images load, and the tag boxes remain blacked out. This happens for the images that would usually pop up in the news, most popular, and anywhere else new tags are supposed to load. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or if i reinstall the app, will the tag i was working on erase? Thanks, Angie :)

  21. Hi Angie, thanks for your feedback. We’re very sorry for the caused inconvenience. Unfortunately, we’re having a few server issues right now. However, we’re working at full speed to fix this. Please have a little patience.

  22. hahahha , spraycan scared me so bad omg .
    So I got on and I was about to post a sketch & it’s goes : “banned for posting inn appropriate things”
    And I was so scared cause I love sc sooooo much . I go on everyday .
    Althohgh It was a bug I suppose ,
    Keep it up guys !

  23. Before the update I had pro, but after the new update, it’s gone. Is there anyway I can get my pro back without paying?

  24. Hi,

    Just go to the main menu and click on the “i” icon. There emerge some items. At the bottom you’ll find the “restore Pro” option. After choosing it, please restart the app.
    If you bought PRO before you won’t be charged again.

    To restart the app, close the app by double tap on your home button and close down there and then just start the app again.

    Stay Pro and thanks for supporting us.


  25. Im having a problem i dont know my pass word is there any way for me to retrieve my password?

  26. Hi! Please write me your exact user name and your issue via email (iphone@rapidrabbit.com) and we’ll help you out. All the best, Olga.

  27. Hi admin iid just like to talk about the new update dont get me weong i love the new features you have added but a few will likley lead to having your users quit such as having to buy HD. I personally joined spraycan as it was a mix of great drawing tools and an amazing community but now its only the community and so many other apps can do both take sketchbook for an example great drawing tools no community now take pagiee world great community but only able to post art not draw it combind the two and you get the community andthe drawing tools and you dont have to pay for custom colours. I also have a question do you guys check your ingame profile there are a lot of unanswerd questions on it

  28. Is it with the new update that we cannot fuse? Me and my friend would like to fuse, but cannot find the option to do so. Why is this?

  29. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. At this point, we have to emphasize once again, that buying HD isn’t necessary. You don’t have to buy it, if you don’t want to. In this case you can view all the pictures in HD, just not draw in high definition.
    And yes, of course we read all the comments on our profile. However, we’re experiencing some problems within the message system right now. That’s why, many of them are not visible for us. We apologize for this, especially since we know that this is not ok in times of releasing new update. Our best developers are already working on a fix and we hope to bring it out as soon as possible.
    All the best, Olga.

  30. Well, the fuse option per se weren’t already available in the last version. However, you still can “fuse”, if both users know the login data. Best regards, Olga.

  31. @fleur de macadam blondinette Thank you for your feedback! We’ll do our best ;) Regards, Olga.

  32. Please please help! On my Galaxy S3 no profiles will load, it then freezes and exits. Also, I just redownloaded Spraycan and I haven’t had it in about a few months and so I have the newest version and it says I don’t have pro when I did buy it.

  33. When I was on Spraycan for a long time, and so the latest update came out , my pros gone!! Problem is, when I got pro I was little and I had my moms email at the time (also got a new account called “✨FaNtAsY✨” or something like that) but now I got a new iPod with a new email! I tried restoring pro on my account from my moms iPad then logging in but it didn’t work, WHAT WILL I DO!!!!

  34. @Kkdoggyy Hi! Thanks for writing. First of all, I would like you to update your Spray Can to the version 5.1.2. After doing that, use again the restore option. But please note: No matter what SC account you’re using or on which device, you always can restore your previous purchases as long as you’re using the same Apple-ID, which has bought the features. So find out, which one you’ve used in the past or ask your mom.
    Best regards, Olga.

  35. Hi admin can you guys make more tools, and a copy button would be cool so you could over lay layers on top of each other.

  36. Could you guys make it where two people could draw on one screen like servers that would make this the best app!!!

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