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yukendo (“you can do”) is an addictive puzzle game that shares many concepts with Sudoku, but adds some variety to the well known gameplay.

yukendo offers different levels for beginners and advanced puzzlers. Whether you have never played a similar game before or have been playing Sudoku for years: You will find the right challenge. With different level sizes you can play a short game on your way to work or an extensive game throughout the whole afternoon. You can’t finish a puzzle in one go? No problem – your game get’s automatically saved. If you are stuck, save your game, try an easier one and come back later.

With local and global highscores, you can compete with your friends and the whole world.

It is also a great way to learn mathematics. In fact the game has been invented by Tetsuya Miyamoto to teach his pupils math. He called it KenKen which means “cleverness squared” in Japanese.