Dear fans of Medieval Merchants,

first I‘d honestly like to apologize for the bugs in Medieval Merchant‘s release version. We really made a big mistake by not testing the game in all possible ways. We’re wearing sackcloth and ashes. And for sure, we will never ever make this mistake again.

But please let me explain how this could happen. On March 1st, our 6th rapidrabbit anniversary, we uploaded the finished and polished version of Medieval Merchants for Mac and iPad to Apple before we started partying. With ants in the pants we waited for Apple‘s review and got the green light – “ready for sale” – for the iPad version six days later.

Of course we were very happy and thought the Mac version would be approved very soon as well. So we decided to announce March 20 as the release date and even with bad luck we got at least the iPad version up and running.

And then: Ten days before the release day we got a message from a very kind pre-reviewer, who told us our game was crashing. This message was a slap in our faces. After one and a half years of hard work we still had a bug we hadn‘t found so far. It took us two days to find and fix this crash and we took one additional day to double-check everything again.

March 14 we uploaded the bug fix version to Apple for review and we thought they‘d get this reviewed within six days as usual. We were happy to see that the app‘s status changed from “waiting for review” to “in review” already one day later. So we considered ourselves safe for a bug free version on release day, March 20. Remember: We still got five days until release at this time. But it didn’t worked out. March 18 there was still no notice from Apple, so I decided to request an expedited review, which Apple agreed on within the same day. And again we considered ourselves safe for a bug free version on release day, March 20.

As you may have noticed: Today there is still a crashing game out there on the App Store and no update available. March 20 Apple sent us a message and wanted to let us know “that the review process will require additional time.” SAY WHAT?? C’MON! I got a heart attack (figuratively) because of this mail. I asked them what was going on and what we could do and they just replied that there occurred “unexpected circumstances” and they‘d “apologize”. I wrote some mails back and forth to figure out what the reason might be and to let them know that if they found a real issue we’d be more than happy to fix it as soon as possible.

But until today the update is still in review – for almost two weeks by now. The latest message we got from Apple said: “Your ongoing patience is appreciated”.

I’m deeply sorry and yes, we made a bad mistake, but right now it’s literally all in Apple‘s hands and we still have no clue how long the review process will take or what the result may be. Meanwhile I expect a rejection but whatever the reason will be, we‘ll fix it and we‘ll upload an update again.

I hope you understand our situation and share our “ongoing patience”.

Thanks in advance,

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