“She is mysterious and hard to fathom” | 10 in 5 with Zora444

show_imageDid you ever wonder how our artists draw their amazing pictures? What inspires them most? Or what their user names actually mean?

Today we’re going to start a new interview series – 10 questions in 5 minutes. Zora444 was so kind to break the first ground. So, let’s jump into it right away.

1) Tell us a little bit about you. Who’s Zora444?
Zora is a woman who loves animals and nature! When she is in the water, she feels like in heaven! In the silence of the night she loves to paint! She loves to watch the moon and the stars. She is mysterious and hard to fathom.

2) What does your user name mean to you?
I took this name from my absolutely favourite game Zelda. The Zoras are a water nation and as you know now, I looove being near or inside the water.

3) How do you draw your pictures on Spray Can?
I draw my tags with a stylus on my iPad. I started drawing on my iPhone with my finger but then i got upset to have only such a little space. So I’ve bought an iPad especially for Spraycan.

4) Which of your pictures matters the most to you?
The man sitting on a bench in the rain. I’ve painted it when I had a very bad time.

5) If you could pick three all time favorite pictures on Spray Can from any artist – which would it be?
Ooh that’s a very difficult question! Sure, there are lots of perfect pictures made by Oslik, Spammie, Sana Thunder, Glambert Chick, Eman, Delilahme, Stealt&Paradox, iCoco, J R-Flynn… just to name a few! But if I have to choose three images which have impressed me in their own way then it would be these:
The first one is the girl sitting on her suitcase in the rain by “Mugi” which is my favorite artist on Spray Can. There would be even a few more drawings from him I could name! But this girl on the train station looks like a wonderful picture to dream to be.
The second tag is a surreal, alien or cosmic underwater world by “I am Intergalactic”. I love this picture because of the colors and I love the subtle way he paints.
The third image is from “M-Bryo-8″. This picture with the giant gorilla with the tiny fairy on the finger emits so many emotions. On this occasion I would like to ask to open the door to Spray Can again for this exceptional artist.

6) What inspires you?
My emotions and my mood.

7) What are you hearing at this very moment?
Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

8) When do you have the best ideas for your pictures?
At night. I love the serenity and tranquility. I’m a night owl.

9) What’s the last photo you took with your smartphone?
Wait… I have to look. I have photographed a delicious pizza I ate on the road somewhere. I sent it to my daughter to make her jealous! ;)

10) If you could be a super hero, which super power would you choose?
Everyone would probably say: to fly! But I have an extreme fear of heights! I would prefer to be able to swim around in the deep ocean like a fish! :) Thank you so much that i got the honor to be interviewed! I looove Spray Can!! ✌

Thank you, Zora, for being so open and for letting us get to know you a little better. Our next interview partner will be Aberli  – so stick around.


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  2. I was wondering how do i get to be in the artist category so people can see the work i do when they click artist because i do good art on this app with my iphone 5s and stylus but how can i get to the artist category?

  3. @ Hunter smith Well, actually each category is based on a complicated algorithm and is formed automatically. But as a general rule, the more followers, likes, views and comments you get, the more likely it will be that you’ll be shown in a “Most respected” or “Best rated” category. Best, Olga.

  4. Zora,

    I have followed you since I first used Spray Can in 2011 (albeit I’ve had three user names as I never remember my password from iPad to iPad!). I’m amazed with your talent. This medium has been the hardest for me to learn! What is the average time it takes you to complete a tag?

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