Spray Can 5.1.3

We rise the curtain! After removing some sticking points we are ready to announce the release of Spray Can 5.1.3, which will show you the fruit of our labour, including opacity control, implemented Spray Can news and bug fixes.

update 513 facebookDevelopment of mobile applications is oftentimes as unpredictable as it is disturbing. But as long as this great community backs us up we’re able to work even harder as before. Many of you have noticed that the opacity control in the previous versions needed to be reworked. That’s why we concentrated on fixing this feature. There is no doubt that you will recognize the difference regarding opacity control in Spray Can 5.1.3 and the previous versions. We bet you’ll like it!

There’s even more in this update that can make your blood stir. You know that feeling when you made a change in your drawing and want to remove it or the other way round, to go back to the freshly made change? This Spray Can version enables more undo and redo steps, so your drawing process will get eased. Furthermore we implemented a „Share“ icon, which will simplify the use of pictures from the Spray Can online gallery. This way you can easily save a picture or send it via email, for example. The icon is situated directly under an already uploaded tag, so you won’t miss it.

Another new feature is the implemented Spray Can news. You will stay up to date regarding everything new on Spray Can thanks to this one. As soon as a new entry on our blog is available, you’ll get informed via a message in the news feed.

Our staff attempted furthermore to fix as many things as possible in this new update. We hope that we achieved this goal and are already waiting for your feedback! Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Best regards,
your rappidrabbit team.



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