Spray Can Competition

The Spray Can team needs you!

We need an official screenshot for our Spray Can app. Unfortunately we are not as talented as our fans.
So we decided to start a competition to determine the best sprayer among our fans.

Here is the deal:
– paint a graffiti with the newest version of our Spray Can
– choose any motif, background or colour
– save the picture and send it to iphone@rapidrabbit.de

The best pictures will be presented here and at our facebook page.
Our fans will then vote for their favourite, which will become the official screenshot (included in the iTunes store).

Please send your graffitis until April, 9th.

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  1. Suggestion for the next update:

    How about a transparent background

    This would enable me to save the graffiti to the camera roll and then apply it over my own picture or background.

    P.S. Love the app

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