Spray Can missing pictures – mystery solved

Spray Can users may have noticed that a lot of pictures have been mysteriously removed from their galleries.

The good news first: we have been able to restore most of the deleted pictures. It took us some time to go trough the backups, but we managed to get most pictures back. Unfortunately some pictures are lost forever. We are very sorry for this and we have of course taken measures so this won’t happen again.

The reason for this was an oversight of our developer and testing team. With the introduction of the new gallery feature, where you could see the galleries from other users, it was possible to delete pictures of other users. This is now prevented by an update of our server software. Another update for the Spray Can app is on its way.

Again, we are very sorry for this.

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  1. Hello, I would like to inform you about another malfunction about “spray can 3″
    For the past few days I haven’t been able to publish any of my new tags and I would like o publish them with out any problems please inform me when this problem is fixed at my email penut123456@hotmail.com kind regards
    Charlotte 12 of Australia NT

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