Spray Can Update 4.5.2 available

update 4.5.2 Facebook und blogDear Spray Can Community,

as you may already have seen: The Spray Can update 4.5.2 is available now. First of all we‘re very sorry for the trouble because of some bugs. We worked on it and now you can upload your tags again.
iOS 7 is coming on september 18th  Please make sure to install the Spray Can update before you upgrade your iOS. If you don’t update Spray Can before, you will lose your account. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is absolutely necessary!

So, what’s new?
– we made the app iOS 7 ready, so you won’t lose your account
– we fixed a lot of crashes related to drawing
– we removed all pop up ads for non-pro users

As you may have recognized, there wasn’t too much action in Spray Can in the past few month. But don‘t worry, we‘re not relaxing in the sun: Behind the scenes we work like busy bees and prepare awesome new things for you. One important improvement is the account handling.

With the current update you can unfortunately not fuse or unlink anymore, but please be patient and you will get a much better way to draw together on your art.
Furthermore we are working on opacity for your drawings as well as on private messages within the app. So stay tuned and follow the rabbit :)

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  1. I updated my phone after updating Spray Can, and now when I try to comment or upload a tag, it says I was banned for posting innapropriate pictures, which I never did.

  2. please re-add unlinking I was away for a few months and my fuse partner thought I was gone forever and re-fused and now I want to leave that account and I can’t

  3. Hi Nermalex,

    have you also opened the version 4.5.2 before you upgraded to iOS 7?

    Hi Me,
    we’re very sorry, but fusing isn’t possible at the moment. The fuse-option will come back within the next update. It will release in about two weeks. Please be patient for a little while.

    Al the best,

  4. Hey, what do you mean exactly? Updating to iOS in general? That should be possible cia your device settings.


  5. I updated my iPhone to iOS 7 before the Spray Can update was out (due to having access to the early release of iOS 7), and being unaware of this, I’ve lost my account. I know my account secret if that helps. Could you please help?

  6. Good Evening,

    Regarding the Private Message feature that your trying to do; Would there be a control for allowing certain messages to come through? The top artists are constantly badgered with many wall posts and it’d be impossible for them to see important mail.

    And a question about brushes; Would it be possible to add a larger size “blurry” brush? It’d be a lot easier for artists trying to larger realistic tags (I know it’d help me a lot) and for backgrounds.

    Also; Why is it that views play a larger role in making a certain tag in MP than likes?

    Thanks for making the app wonderful!

  7. Hey,

    thanks for the feedback. We’re currently in the process of thinking the PM system through so thanks for that hint.
    Regarding the brushes: There will come same changes as well but I can’t tell too much right now ;)
    And about the algorithm: I have to be honest that I was not involved in the actual arrangement of the algorithm. I guess that’s just how they decided it to be back then.


  8. Yes, that helps a lot. A new update is already in the pipeline and with your user name and your secret you’ll be able to log back into your account :)


  9. Hello,

    Thanks! Can’t wait!

    I am also a Beta Tester for Android; will the final version be compatible with Android tablets and the like?

  10. I apologize for the bother..
    I update the IOS7 before spray can then i Forgot
    my Secret code to longin can you Please help me and give me the
    Secret code My Account

  11. Hi,

    please write me an e-mail (iphone@rapidrabbit.com). It would be helpful, if you write me again your problem and your user name.

    All the best,

  12. Hi,
    we are sorry for the trouble you have. Just go to “go Pro” and restore your Pro-Status with the Cloud-Button there and restart the app.
    If you bought PRO before you won’t be charged again.

    To restart the app, close the app by double tap on your home button and close down there and then just start the app again.

    Stay Pro and thanks for supporting us.

    All the best,

  13. I updated my phone and I didn’t know you had to write down the “secret”. I deleted the app then re-downloaded it and now I can log into my account. Please help.

  14. @Edie Please write me an email and don’t forget to mention your exact user name. Then I’ll be able to help you out. Regards, Olga.

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