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Hi, nice to meet you! We are David, Olga, Sarah, Jean-Philipp, Stephan, Hans, Ernir, Franziska and Kai-Uwe. We are rapidrabbit.



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  1. The pics are no longer available when I click on your daily free apps. I have to choose to get it, so it opens in the App Store, where the pics ARE available. It used to work fine. Is this something you are going to fix, or are you content to leave it the way it is now? I’d like to know, cause I will look for another app provider if it is not fixed. Thanks.

    By the way, this is without question the BEST app provider out there. It would be a drag to have to go somewhere else.

  2. Hello, well I was banned off of spraycan because I drew “inappropriate pictures” and I would like to know what inappropriate pictures I did? Because I remember correctly I didn’t draw any nudes, nor I said any profanity. I can’t draw anything nor upload which is pretty messed up since I paid for this app. I’d like my page back.

  3. I logged out of my account, •Radioactive• and I had typed up my password onto a note app. But the note app shut down and I forg

  4. Okay, I copy and pasted my username into the username/email part.

    I just can’t get my password! Please help!

  5. Ok, so I got a notice for being banned for abusive behavior, now I’m wondering what did I do wrong? If it was any of the tags I did then I could’ve just deleted it and stopped, I’m flattered that I was banned from spray can and not even given a warning at first, whatever it was I could’ve stop doing but I see that the admins have a cold heart, I would appreciate it if you unbanned me and explain what I did that was “abusive”. Please tell me, my username on spray can is French Kiss and if you want to contact me on kik my username is liveup2.

  6. @ Joey I’m sorry, but you got banned because of dirty OC tags. They are against our T&Cs, which will also tell you that in case of abuse, we don’t have to warn you first, but can ban a user straight away./O

  7. Ima dork….
    I can’t remember my password… What do I need 2d0?
    Looked briefly for the option and wasn’t lucky…
    Just don’t wanna have to purchase again for the backgrounds and I wanna play…
    #Not an artist just starving

  8. @Nothings4ever Please write me an email (iphone@rapidrabbit.com) and don’t forget to mention your exact user name. It would be even better, if you would attach a screen shot of your account. I’ll try to find out your password then and would send it to you also via email. Best regards, Olga.

  9. Hello,
    I have bought pro for $3.99 and I’ve heard from comments just now that People have to buy backgrounds, color/mixer and private messaging. How much are those?
    Also, I have multiple problems with this app; one being that I cannot look at anything, such as: artists/ gallery, search engine and just about everything else. 2 This update automatically got rid of my original account, which was an non-pro called Uchiha Itachi. Furthermore, I can’t remember the password for it and shop isn’t working ( like everything else )
    I don’t know what to do.. Is there someway you can fix this?

  10. @Uchiha Itachi Hi! You don’t have to buy those features, if you already have Pro. They are included in Pro. Yesterday we had a server breakdown, which has caused that nothing had really worked on Spray Can. Most of it should be alright again. If oyu want to know your password to your former account, please write me an email (iphone@rapidrabbit.com) and don’t forget to mention your exact user name.
    All the best, Olga.

  11. Hi Olga,
    I left a message to you guys at (iphone@rapidrabbit.com) on gmail, regarding about my lost password. Did you receive it yet, did it get denied?

  12. Wow guys! It’s been a while since Ive been on spraycan… Ok its been like 2 years xD but thats cuz the only apple device I had was a really old ipod that just got like outdated or something. And since I forgot my username, I have to start over but I actually don’t mind cuz what I wanted to say is congratz! Spraycan has grown! There are sooo many more features and it’s amazing!! Wow guys! 5 stars all the way!!

  13. @Thais Thank you! And welcome back! We hope this time you’ll stay with us a little longer. It’s worth it ;) All the best, Olga.

  14. Hi,

    The App ” Free App Finder”. Doesn’t work anymore on my IPad and IPod touch! Can you repair the App ?



  15. @Bram Hi! We’d like to. Unfortunately we can’t support this app any longer, since Apple has changed some of their policies. After that every effort to update this app would fail … We’re deeply sorry. Best, Olga.

  16. HEY what’s up guys
    Just wanted to say
    That I love all that you have out into this app and I am really grateful for that but I was wondering if you could bring back the colour mixer? Thanks!!:3

  17. Also I was wondering a lot of android users have been left out with the updates could you possibly do something about that!
    Thanks :3

  18. @ Becca Thanks for writing. I assume, you’re an Android user? If so, there is a color mixer in the PRO version. Unfortunately we still don’t know, when we’ll be able to work again on Spray Can for Android. All the best, Olga.

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