„The best ideas are those, which just come to your mind, not those, which you’re chasing“ |10 in 5 with ايمان | eman

show_image-12Today we’re back with one of our beloved artists again. It’s Eman’s turn to tell us a little bit of her life. For you it’s a great chance to learn more about other cultures. So read and enjoy it!

1. Hi ايمان | eman, please tell us a little bit about you.
I’m a Muslim arabic girl, who’s proud of that. I started here as an artist without any art school. I usually hate to learn drawing. I like to develop my talent only by myself. Art should represent your soul. And you should know your soul better than anyone else. You don’t have to go to somebody, who will tell you what your soul is! 
I don’t mean that I don’t watch video tutorials for painting. I mean that I am interested to learn it all by myself through observation and a crazy love for detail. But I usually don’t like to listen “how to draw!”. It’s boring at the end. Because your style is a different one and it doesn’t look like the style which others use or which a teacher uses.

2. How did you hit on Spray Can?
Mmmm… That’s a cool story … And a long one lol! 
I was 16 and my friend Ghadah told me to use this app, because she knew that I am a drawer. I didn’t have any of Apple devices, so she told me to use my sister’s iPod to try out this “SC”. I really didn’t care, so I didn’t follow her advice. Finally, some time after that, I bought an iPad and downloaded Spray Can. I didn’t ask my friend how to use SC. I spent a long time without being in contact with other users. Then I noticed the MP cathegory and became interested in those tags. I remember that I was shocked by the art of some users. Later I became a fan of SC. I took my iPad and let my family share this fun with me. After that I started to learn by observing the tags that I like and explore the special style of those artists. At that point of time one of my tags got on MP, which made me really happy. Then I worked aimed to get to MP again. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Well, until my Nutella tag. I felt really overjoyed, when it got so many likes and the 1st rank on MP. After that I set myself a goal, to be always the first on MP. 
Now I usually achieve it and all of this is God’s merc. Thank you, Allah!

3. What does your user name mean to you?
My username is my real name. “Eman” means faith. 10 days before I was born, my grandpa died. So my father chose this name for me. This meant, that he won’t disagree with God’s choice. To accept the faith is the only way to deal with that pain.

4. When do you get the best ideas for your pictures?
The best ideas are those, which just come to your mind, not those, which you’re chasing . 
I get them by cool pictures, which I find somewhere, like when I see a good picture on “Blackberry messenger”. I take it and draw it then.

5. How much time do you spend on a tag?
Usually 7 hours and more. Now I am slower that before, maybe because the latest tags are more difficult and have many details that are new to me .

6. What are your 3 favorite artists on SC?
Mmmmmm, I really like many drawings and many artists with their personal styles. Maybe if you ask me who is the worst, that would be an easier question. Lol. Jk

7. If you could travel through time to live in a different historical time period, which would you choose?
Your question stirs something in my heart. Of course the period of prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him! 
When I listen to the stories about the prophet Muhammad, I feel like my heart is flooded with yearning. I can’t do anything about it now, but I won’t stop waiting to meet him in the future, in paradise.

8. What’s your lifetime goal?
Of course the most important goal is God’s satisfaction with me. 
In addition, I am working on getting the best grades at school. My parents’ smile tells me, that life is wonderful. I love to see my parents being proud of me. Furthermore, I am working on being a better artist.

9. What’s your favorite cartoon character?
Omg! They are too many… I can’t choose one as the best .

10.How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?
I am a Muslim, so we don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. We have other festivities, which we celebrate. There are, for instance, “Eid Al-Fitr” and “Eid Al-Adha” ^_^ .

Eman, thank you so much for taking time and answering the questions. Go on with your own style. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not right or something of the kind. We’ll wait for more of your fabulous art. 

If you already got curious, click here to see more of her art.

Next time it’s Toxic Apple’s turn to answer our 10 in 5. What would you like to know about this artist? Reply in the comments below.

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