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Right now we’re done analyzing your answers to the survey. The evaluation revealed your most crucial needs and gave us an opportunity to adapt our plans to your needs. Here’s our concept for the next update:

darktheme screenshotYou should probably be quite relieved to hear, that you’ll finally get a chance to choose your own theme while using Spray Can. We’ll add a dark theme and you’ll be able to set light or dark theme in your app settings. Furthermore we had in mind some layout changes for the painting mode. You’re wondering why? Because there will be a new painting tool (color picker) among other things, but this will be the topic of our next blog entry, where we are going to present you the changes in the painting mode more precisely.

In addition to that, there will be some great news for our non-PROs. For one thing, their profiles will be depicted in exactly the same way as those of PRO users. For another thing, we will unlock the chat option for everybody.

Anyhow, it will take a few more weeks until we’ll be able to release Spray Can 5.1.4, but we thought a thrill of anticipation won’t do any harm ;)

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  1. So cool! I can’t wait for the next update :)
    The spraycan team is doing a great job !! ~Arc en ciel✿

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